24 Hour Car Insurance Under 21

24 hour car insurance for under 21's can be a lifesaver for young drivers who have just purchased their first car. With 24-hour car insurance they are able to drive their new purchase home from the dealership before making a long-term decision about what kind of insurance policy they want from which insurance provider. Insurance premiums can be extremely high for drivers under the age of 21, so those who do not have a car of their own can find 24-hour car insurance to be the most economical way to be on the right side of the law when they do need to drive.

For example, they may want to borrow the car of a friend or relative so that they can move into their university residence or travel to a job interview. With 24-hour car insurance they can get instantaneous cover and avoid the high costs of year-round insurance. 24-hour car insurance will also protect the no-claims bonus of the car's owner. Car rental is often not an option for those under the age of 21, so many young people turn to 24-hour car insurance when they have the need for short-term use of a car.

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24 hour car insurance is available from various insurance providers. Many allow applications and payment to be carried out online, with proof of insurance emailed to the applicant or available to print from the website. Each individual provider will have their own restrictions and limitations. Common exclusions include damage or theft caused by the keys being left in the ignition and driving by anyone who is not named on the policy. Normally, cover for driving abroad is not covered so a day-trip to Calais may require an extended policy. Some providers will have their own age restrictions, so it is important that those aged under 21 check that they are eligible.

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