24 Hour Car Insurance

24 hour car insurance is the best choice for those people who need- or want- to lend their car to a friend or member of the family without having to worry about anything. The scope of this insurance varies from a day to a complete month; the short term car insurance is extremely popular among young people and students who wish to rent a car during a short period of vacations, who want to go on vacation with a mobile home.

Driving without an insurance is illegal in the United Kingdom. You have to arrange an individual insurance for a specific vehicle. This means that you can't borrow your car from a friend without previously sending a form of insurance cover. In other countries, for example E.E.U.U., it is very popular to interchange your vehicle with your friends, but this is not the case in United Kingdom.

Car Insurance For A Day                eCar has short term policies available and are UK based. Short term policies are 1 to 28 days. After arrival at their page, look for "Short Term Insurance" on the left-hand side, then click "Get A Quote" at the bottom of the middle column for your free quote.               

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There are the following main types of short term insurance:

24 hour car insurance: is the best choice if you suddenly have any unpredicted situation and you need to insurance urgently a vehicle. It is a good option, but you should know that this option is the most expensive one, because you are paying a premium insurance quote.

Car Insurance for The Day: this insurance is ideal for those who need to drive for only one day, business in other cities or students who come home during the period of vacations and may use their parent's car. This insurance is very similiar to 24 hour car insurance, the difference is to know exactly the day you will need the insurance.

The last choice is the short term car insurance, perfect for those who are preparing a long drive or If you cannot pay an expensive premium insurance.

The less popular between young people is the 24 hour car insurance, for the under 21 years old the insurance price could be too expensive, in some case, the price is duplicated.

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